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Justin Bieber Vintage Video: His First Meeting With Usher

Justin Timberlake also wanted to sign Bieber, 'Never Say Never' star said in 2009.
By Jocelyn Vena

Justin Bieber
Photo: Brian Phares/MTV News

Just as the world was learning who Justin Bieber was, MTV News caught up with the shaggy-haired singer in September 2009. He was gearing up to release his debut album, My World, and plotting his pop-world domination. In the year and a half since that interview, Bieber has done the nearly impossible, launching himself into the pop mega-sphere.

In the chat, Bieber recalled how he and his manager, Scooter Braun, met and eventually got big names interested in signing the teen.

"My manager found me on YouTube. He flew me out to Atlanta for the first time — I'd never actually been on a plane before. He flew me to Atlanta where i was going to the studio to meet some people," he recalled.

"And Usher happened to roll up in his Range Rover. I ran up to him, and I was like, 'Usher, I love your songs. Want me to sing you one?' The politest possible way he could say no, he did. ... I took the hint. I didn't get to sing for him: He had to run into a studio session."

But later, Usher was beckoning the teen back to the ATL. "He actually watched my videos — after my manager got to talking to him — and was like, 'I should have let this kid sing,' and flew me back to Atlanta where I got to sing for him in a proper setting. A week later, I had a meeting with Justin Timberlake, who also wanted to sign me, so they both kind of wanted me."

As the story goes, Bieber went with Usher, and the two never looked back.

"As far as Usher being my mentor, he's definitely given me words of wisdom. I hear it from everybody, but definitely to hear it from Usher is great, just to stay humble and grounded is very important," he explained.

"There's a lot of people, especially young stars, that have gone down the wrong path, and I definitely plan to stay humble and stay grounded and keep my family first, because that stuff really is important in life."

On Friday, Justin Bieber's 3-D documentary, "Never Say Never," opens. The film takes a look at how the teen star worked to hit it big. MTV News has been chatting with him along the way, from the time he first burst on the scene in 2009 until now, as he embarks on a huge 2011 that will include a tour and more new music.

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Chris Cornell Filling In For Robert Plant On Led Zeppelin Tour? That's News To Him

'I have not been approached to fill in for Robert Plant on the Zeppelin tour, but that isn't to say I won't be,' singer says.
By Chris Harris

Chris Cornell
Photo: MTV News

Former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has spoken out for the first time about rumors that he's been asked to fill in for Robert Plant on a proposed Led Zeppelin reunion tour. The trek would feature original guitarist Jimmy Page, original bassist John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham taking over on drums for his late father, John Bonham.

Cornell has been mentioned — along with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, White Stripes mastermind Jack White and Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy — as a potential Plant fill-in. Plant has already said that he wouldn't take part in the tour.

"I have not been approached so far to fill in for Robert Plant on the upcoming Zeppelin tour, but that isn't to say I won't be," Cornell told MTV News. "I've heard that from about 200 people now, and it might be one of those situations where it's just an online rumor or it might be true. But if you see anyone from Led Zeppelin around, let me know. I think I should actually fill in for Jimmy Page on the Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss tour."

Cornell's denial comes just a day after Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford confirmed reports that frontman Steven Tyler recently met with Zeppelin for an impromptu jam session. "They did it for fun," Whitford said during an appearance on the syndicated show "Todd N Tyler Radio Empire." "I actually think Jimmy wanted Steven to come over and play a little bit because I think he was trying to light a fire under Robert."

Rumors of a Zeppelin reunion tour have abounded since the iconic band played a single reunion set last year at London's O2 Arena. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider added fuel to the fire last month when he revealed that the group was thinking of touring, with or without Plant.

According to Snider, the rest of the band told Plant, " 'We're all rehearsed, we're ready to go. Here's a gazillion dollars on the table. If you don't do it, we're going out with this kid [Myles Kennedy].' "

"And he can sing the sh-- out of Zeppelin," Snider added. "They're going to hope that Robert, at the last minute, will go, 'OK,' and step in."

In a recent interview, Jones told BBC Radio Devon that a new singer was being sought to take over for Plant. "We are trying out a couple of singers," he said. "We want to do it. It's sounding great, and we want to get on and get out there."

But Jones insists that he, Page and Bonham aren't interested in finding a Plant clone. "It's got to be right," he said. "There's no point in just finding another Robert. You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don't want to be our own tribute band. There would be a record and a tour, but everyone has to be onboard."

Of course, even if Zeppelin were to approach him, Cornell might be too busy to take over vocals for the band. His upcoming Timbaland-produced solo LP, Scream, will be released within the next few months. Cornell told MTV News last month that some of his fans might consider Scream something of a departure, but he doesn't see it that way.

"It makes me happy that there's this perception that I have a group of fans that I'm now sort of throwing a curve at and what their reaction will be," he said. "But I've been in this situation so many times already. When I put out [1999's] Euphoria Morning, my main goal was to create an album that sounded like nothing I'd done in Soundgarden, and I did that. I also had that with Temple of the Dog, where I showed up with songs that weren't necessarily riff-based. And then, of course, the pairing of me and members of Rage Against the Machine had everyone sort of speculating about what that would sound like.

"It feels like I've done this so many times that when it's presented to me as being a departure, I feel that's a misconception," he added. "I feel like that's my theme at this point."

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Kenneth Branagh Talks 'Thor,' Sequels And The Marvel Movie-Verse

'They definitely were aware and for the idea that every movie has to work on its own right,' director tells MTV News of Marvel films.
By Rick Marshall

Kenneth Branagh
Photo: MTV News

"Thor" thunders into theaters next week, adding yet another chapter to Marvel Studios' big-screen universe and bringing audiences that much closer to next year's superhero team-up extravaganza, "The Avengers."

As part of this year's Summer Movie Preview Week, MTV News spoke to "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh about taking on Marvel's hammer-wielding hero and the daunting task of integrating the god of thunder into the same world occupied by Iron Man, Hulk and — in a few months — "The First Avenger" himself, Captain America.

MTV News: So let's go back to the very early days of this project. Everyone was surprised — and pleasantly so — when your name was first announced as "Thor" director. Why did you take the job? Why did this project appeal to you?

Kenneth Branagh: I suppose it was partly that I wanted to surprise myself. I was happy to surprise a few other people. It's nice to challenge your own sense of what you think you might be able to do and other people's preconceptions. I thought that it was a total breath of fresh air, and the freshness about the whole adventure was something I'd enjoy very much. But you can't do it for just those reasons. I was drawn to the character and the story and the understanding that it would happen on an epic scale. The size of it, and the chance to tell a big — and hopefully popular — movie on a large scale was just such a very, very exciting possibility.

MTV News: Much like Iron Man was in 2008, Thor isn't all that well-known prior to his big-screen debut. One would think that this, along with his magical, godlike powers and origin story, makes the character an even harder sell for mainstream movie audiences. How did you approach that challenge?

Branagh: There's no question that everybody at Marvel felt that way, and I would have to agree with them. Although, nearly 50 years of Thor comics say there's a real fanbase for the character out there, and he's interacted with the other members of the Avengers in the comics many times. But there are many challenges to laying out a Thor origin story and letting it interconnect with the rest of the Marvel universe, which I, as a cinema viewer, am very intrigued by and enjoy. The happy coincidence was that I was certain that a large part of the movie should take part on Earth. For me, the story being partly on Earth was absolutely crucial, regardless of whether it had to fit into any other kind of movie, in order to maximize a number of things — chiefly, the humor. In the two or three months while we were talking about whether we want to make the same type of picture, that was one of the key conversations, and thank god we agreed.

MTV News: When we spoke with the "Captain America" writers, they mentioned that the central story came first, and then there was a point when they went back over the narrative and added references to the greater Marvel movie universe where appropriate. Was that the same for "Thor"? How did you handle the need to connect "Thor" with the other Marvel movies?

Branagh: Some of that was planned upfront, but to be honest, I never had to think about it too much myself, because my job and my value to the project was to keep the Thor story front and center. The rest would just organically start falling together. Sometimes it would be a case — particularly with names and things — where one could do a little blending in various places that would intersect. ... But I have to say that at no point did I feel like I had to try and guess where I was fitting into in some great Marvel wall chart of all of this. They definitely were aware and for the idea that every movie has to work on its own right — and not to assume anything — and once it's feeling secure and tight, we can have the fun stuff sprinkled throughout, and hopefully it will add some value.

MTV News: Well, the cat's out of the bag as far as Jeremy Renner's debut as Hawkeye in "Thor," so what else can you tell us about working with him and that character's role in Thor's universe?

Branagh: I'm not able to divulge anything in great detail, but the time I did spend with him was excellent. He's prepared, smart, very detailed, and what he's going to bring is something extremely interesting. He's an unusually big fan of the comics and knows the character well. There's likely to be a very, very interesting development from one film to the next with that character.

MTV News: There have been some rumors of a sequel in the works, and though nothing's official at this point, is this a world you'd like to return to down the road?

Branagh: I'm still so in the midst of the "Thor" experience that it's impossible to see anything other than simply finishing the delivery of it. We've been going around the world and getting fantastic reactions, and the thing I've been so pleased with is the number of people who have been surprised with how much they enjoyed the movie -- because it wasnt' necessarily what they expected or wasn't a character they knew. I'm also thrilled about the consistent delight in the humor of the film, and necessarily and sort of triumphantly, the emergence of Chris Hemsworth as a really significant actor here in the role of Thor. So all of those things are hugely exciting, but we only just opened in Australia, and we're opening in the UK as we speak, but given this is where we made it and where the comics come from, it's going to be phenomenally important how we do here in the U.S. So, being the Irish superstitious man that I am, I'm not going to even think about "Thor 2" until -- and if -- we are lucky enough to have the right kind of audience for "Thor 1."

Head over to MTV Splash Page for more from Kenneth Branagh on how Thor changed from comic book to screen, which scene "Avengers" director Joss Whedon was involved in and more from our "Thor" interview!

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "Captain America," "The Hangover Part II," "X-Men: First Class," "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.

Check out everything we've got on "Thor."

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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Michael Jackson's Family Upset With James Durbin Over 'American Idol' Pepsi Quip

'We were shocked to see this,' read the Jacksons' message; Durbin tweeted an apology on Thursday.
By Gil Kaufman

James Durbin performs on "American Idol" on Wednesday
Photo: Michael Becker/ Fox

Some people might argue that it's patently unfair to take rank amateurs, put them on the biggest show on TV and then expose them to potential worldwide ridicule every week. Because it's one thing to tune in to "American Idol" from your living room or play shows at the local wings joint, it's another thing entirely when you get up on that stage and open your mouth with tens of millions watching and listening.

James Durbin learned this lesson the hard way this week when he made what he thought was an innocent crack about not setting himself on fire during his pyro-tastic cover of Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" on Wednesday night.

Asked by host Ryan Seacrest if he was worried about dancing around among the flames shooting up from the piano onstage, Durbin joked, "I have a lot of hairspray in my hair to keep it from jumping around — so much so, the one thing I was worried about was having a 'Pepsi moment.' "

The seemingly innocent crack was a reference to the 1984 on-set accident in which late pop icon Michael Jackson was badly burned during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial by some wayward pyro effects. The serious burns he suffered in the incident allegedly led to his longtime addiction to pain medication and prescription drugs.

The Jackson family was not amused by the quip and sent a statement to TMZ on Thursday.

"We were shocked to see this. It's nothing to make light of and everybody should be focusing on who was responsible for Michael's death," read the statement. Family patriarch Joseph Jackson also was reportedly miffed that "Idol" producers did not cut the comment from the West Coast feed of the show.

Durbin defended his slip-up in a tweet, which has since been scrubbed from the singer's official "Idol" Twitter feed, that explained, "For anyone talkin ... I said pepsi NOT MJ! I have no disrespect for Michael. I grew up singing his art. I guess youll take it how you want it." He later added, "Talkin about MJs passing is too soon. Making a reference to an incident 25 years ago..not too soon. The stab was at pepsi people."

It's worth noting that Pepsi's bitter rival, Coca-Cola, is the main "Idol" sponsor, a fact that Seacrest reminded Durbin of in an awkward moment after the comment on the show.

What did you think of James Durbin's "Pepsi" quip? Tell us in the comments.

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Photos | Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

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Photos | Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Pop-Culture References

Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Pop-Culture References

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Kill Your Darlings Video for ?Everybody Else? Review

I woke up this morning in a little bit of a funk.� I rolled out of bed, made a cup of peppermint tea and started to reflect a little bit on my past.� Invariably, I was met with images of both positivity and negativity, some lovely and others heart wrenching.� I checked my inbox, and [...]

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Photos | The 2010 Soul Train Awards Nominees

The 2010 Soul Train Awards Nominees

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Friday, April 29, 2011

'Moulin Rouge' Is 'One Of The Best Movies Of All Time,' Joe Jonas Says

Before MTV News' 'Moulin Rouge' live stream Monday at 3 p.m. ET, Jonas recalls working with director Baz Luhrmann on Broadway's 'La Boheme.'
By Jocelyn Vena

Joe Jonas
Photo: MTV News

As we gear up for our "Moulin Rouge at 10: A Spectacular Spectacular MTV News Event" on Monday, we are remembering why the movie is so memorable a decade later.

Joe Jonas had the pleasure of working with the flick's director Baz Luhrmann back in 2003 as a member of the children's chorus in Luhrmann's Broadway production of Puccini's classic opera "La Boheme," and he has only the fondest memories of the experience.

"It was amazing," he told MTV News. "Funny story for you: I was in 'La Boheme,' [and] I remember being onstage and I didn't know what stage left or stage right was, and I was really confused, and he told me from the audience, he was like, 'All right, take a little bit to the stage left.'

"And I was really confused, and I was really embarrassed," he continued. "I didn't know what he was talking about. He literally walked up onstage and he acted like he was talking to me, and he whispered in my ear, like, 'Go a little bit to the left.' So, for me, the fact that a director would be so cool with me like that, from then on, I was so blown away that he was so cool."

Jonas, who has since gone on to superstardom and even starred in two successful TV musicals ("Camp Rock" and "Camp Rock 2") credits Luhrmann's forward-thinking vision in "Moulin Rouge" for pop culture's current obsession with the genre.

"I think he's an amazing director, and his credits are unbelievable," he said. " 'Moulin Rouge' is one of the best movies of all time, and there's no doubt in that. And I think it really has started a generation of music into TV [and] movies so openly."

MTV News will reunite Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor to celebrate "Moulin Rouge at 10: A Spectacular Spectacular MTV News Event" on Monday, May 2, at 3 p.m. ET on The director and stars will be joined by co-star John Leguizamo, who played artist Toulouse-Lautrec, and Catherine Martin, who won the Oscar for costume design and art direction. Hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz, the live stream will include special appearances and live interviews while looking back at how the film came to be and how its legacy continues to grow.

To get in on the fun, fans can submit questions for the "Moulin Rouge" director and talent via the @MTVNews Twitter handle with the hashtag #AskMoulin.

Don't miss "Moulin Rouge at 10: A Spectacular Spectacular MTV News Event" on Monday at 3 p.m. ET on! Get in the conversation by tweeting @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskMoulin.

Rhona Mitra Rihanna Robin Tunney Rosario Dawson

'American Idol' In 60 Seconds: Casey Abrams' Last Showmance

The Carole King songbook results in Abrams' second elimination of the season.
By Jim Cantiello

Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart
Photo: FOX

This week on "American Idol," the top six sang from the Carole King songbook, but the real theme of the night was showmances: Casey and Haley! Lauren and Scotty! Lauren and ... this dude [random audience guy]! Lauren and Steven Tyler! [Clip of Steven Tyler with a little blond toddler on his lap.] Damn, girl, are you trying to audition for "The Real World" or something?

But if we're talking musical promiscuity, Casey Abrams was the real "Hi De Ho." Pianos, trumpets, saxes, harmonicas ... The only thing he didn't hook up with was a melody.

Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog. [Footage of Casey screaming plays with the sound of the Ubu "bark" from that '80s sitcom vanity plate.]

James Durbin had his best week yet but the brightest star on "Idol" was crazy Penny Marshall. [Jim is in a blond wig and sunglasses]. She is my inspiration.

I want to be her friend, I want to be Scotty's friend, and I really want to be Haley's fu-uh-riend, too.

Yo, Randy, why don't we "turn the other cheek" to Thursday night's results show, where Jimmy Iovine gave his two cents, and Haley told him where he could shove his two cents!

[Clip: Seacrest introduces Crystal Bowersox, but then the camera cuts to a burly male harmonica player.]

Whoa, Crystal really let herself go, didn't she? But Arrested Development hasn't aged a bit! [Footage of Bruno Mars and his 45-piece backing band, who were all sitting on a couch.]

And results!

There's your fake bottom three [the last contestants standing], there's your real bottom three [Lauren, Casey and Jacob sitting on the couch from earlier in the episode].

[Jim holds out a microphone as if he's a sports reporter on the field after the Super Bowl.] Hey, Casey Abrams! You just got cut from "Idol" for the second time. What are you going to do now?

[Jim shouts in a Casey voice.] "I'm going to Creepy World!" [Footage of him grabbing girls by the back of the neck and pulling them in for a kiss during his farewell performance.]


Don't miss "Idol Party Live" every Thursday at noon on for analysis, celebrity guests and even some karaoke — get in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #idolparty! In the meantime, get your "Idol" fix on MTV News' "American Idol" page, where you'll find all the latest news, interviews and opinions.

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Britney Spears 'Comes Alive' In The Studio, Says

'She was like a little kid,' the 'Big Fat Bass' producer recalls to MTV News of giddy, 'giggling' Spears.
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Sway Calloway
Photo: MTV News

When hit the studio with Britney Spears for her Femme Fatale track "Big Fat Bass," the producer and Black Eyed Peas frontman said the singer was completely engrossed in the recording process.

"[I discovered] her love for music. I never seen anyone, like, come alive, full of excitement and giggling and laughing behind the mic," will recalled to MTV News. "She was like a little kid when she was recording the song and it just brought the whole atmosphere, it changed the whole atmosphere when someone really loves music. So it was great working with her."

Spears expressed a similar sentiment about recording her chart-topping album during her recent "I Am the Femme Fatale" MTV special, which featured a cameo by, who was finishing up the party track at the time.

"When you're in the studio, you're just really focused, you're really in your head and in your ears and on the notes," she explains in the show. "And when you're performing, it's more a connection on the outside and more of — like a tiger and more in your body."

Both Brit and will are now industry vets so the BEP singer said he didn't have much advice for the star.

"When someone's excited to go out and just do it, what advice? You don't need no advice. She's just turned on right now. She is [like], 'I like this part right here.' When I say [on the song], 'You all better get ready for the kick drum,' she was already anticipating what she was going to do onstage when that beat broke down," he explained. "Adding that type of perspective ... when we we're recording it, you don't need to give nobody [like Britney] advice."

What's your favorite Femme Fatale track? Tell us in the comments!

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Ke$ha - Take It Off

Take It Off

  • Artist: Ke$ha
  • Label: RCA
  • Director: Paul Hunter, Dori Oskowitz

Scarlett Johansson Selita Ebanks Shakara Ledard Shakira

Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

  • Artist: Usher
  • Label: LaFace

Fergie Foxy Brown Freida Pinto FSU Cowgirls

Ke$ha - Blow


  • Artist: Ke$ha
  • Label: RCA
  • Director: Chris Maars

Paige Butcher Pamela Anderson Paris Hilton Patricia Velásquez

Photos | Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Pop-Culture References

Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Pop-Culture References

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Justin Bieber's Grammy Performance Will Be 'A Crossover,' Usher Says

The 'O.M.G.' singer looks forward to sharing the stage with his protégé on Sunday night.
By James Montgomery

Photo: Amanda Edwards/ Getty Images

HOLLYWOOD — At Sunday's 53rd Grammy Awards, Usher will be pulling double duty as both a nominee and a performer. Of course, given the massive year he just completed — with the success of his smash single "O.M.G." and as a mentor to rising phenom Justin Bieber — Ush's Grammy plans seem rather fitting.

Especially since he'll be performing with Bieber (and Bieber's pal Jaden Smith), a move that's just as much about celebrating Usher's successes as it is the successes of his young protégé.

"Having been through [the Grammys] so many times, you couldn't want for anything more than for your young protégé to have the opportunity to have one, so, in support of him having his moment, I wanted to be here," Usher told MTV News on Thursday, hours before his performance at the (Belvedere) RED launch party in Hollywood. "And also to be there to perform, to kind of tell the story of how we came together. This music business has definitely been good to both of us, and this year we have a lot to be happy for."

And just how will the dynamic duo tell that story? Well, Usher wasn't about to reveal all the details, but he did say that he's hoping their performance will show another side of Bieber ... a side most tend to overlook.

"The performance will be fun," Usher explained. "We want to get up there and just do what we do. Be comfortable, and have a great time. ... This is kind of a crossover for Justin. Having performed on so many different stages, this is the way that I wanted him to be seen and an opportunity to show the industry — a lot of the industry, that didn't believe [in him] — some of his other talents. He's going to play acoustically, and also, we'll get down a little bit."

And though Ush is up for a pair of Grammy awards on Sunday — Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best Contemporary R&B Album for Raymond v. Raymond — he's most looking forward to sharing the stage with Bieber and giving fans a look at where the young artist will be heading next.

"I'm very proud, man. I definitely saw it from the beginning, but thanks to the team that we have around us, it was made to happen. And that story has only just begun," Usher said. "The story of Justin Bieber doesn't stop with screaming girls; we need screaming fans all around the world ... a cultural experience that's much more than just fanfare. And that's what this is. That's what the Grammys will be; that's what my next phase for Justin is. This is the way I found him: I found him with a guitar in his hand, so I want him to be seen that way."

Don't miss "Snooki & Sway: Live From the Grammys," a red-carpet live stream kicking off Sunday at 6 p.m. ET on And stick with us all Grammy night for coverage of the red carpet, the show, the afterparties and beyond!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nicki Minaj 'Really Excited' About Britney Spears Tour

MC says she wants to 'show people that I can be part of any world.'
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Nicki Minaj
Photo: Chris McKay/WireImage

Fans are eight weeks away from the launch of the Femme Fatale tour. Britney Spears, along with top-line tour opener Nicki Minaj, will get the party started in June in Sacramento, California.

Minaj has called the slot "an honor." When MTV News caught up with the Barbie herself in New Orleans for the latest stop on the I Am Still Music Tour, she opened up a bit more about the matchup.

"She's definitely iconic and I'm very excited," Minaj explained. "It's weird. I just always remember her, since I was little, ruling the world, so I'm really excited to just expand my fanbase and show people that I can be a part of any world."

Minaj is the reigning princess in the hip-hop world, and she feels that hooking up with pop's leading queen will expand her horizons, even if she has to make some changes to her stage show.

"Of course I will adjust some things. I definitely will take away that one particular stage prop," she said of one very phallic object, adding that her music and set list will basically stay the same. "We'll add some stuff 'cause I got some new things coming out this summer, some new records."

Earlier this week, Minaj called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show, promising that things will be characteristically over-the-top when she hits the road with Spears.

"I'm calling to let everyone know how thrilled I am, how honored I am to be going on the road with the iconic Miss Britney Spears this summer. I just know that when the Femme Fatales and the Barbs get together, we're going to kick major ass," she said. "And I am looking forward to creating a new, a bigger, a brighter, a more spectacular show. And I am just really, really excited to make history with Britney, so you guys, make sure you come out this summer."

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Justin Bieber Passes Michael Jackson's Box-Office Record

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' has outgrossed MJ's 'This Is It' in U.S.
By Gil Kaufman

Justin Bieber in "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Michael Jackson may have dubbed himself the King of Pop, but the late icon didn't hold the box-office crown for long. Less than a year after the posthumous MJ documentary "This Is It" became the most successful concert-themed film in U.S. history, Justin Bieber is poised to snatch the mantle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" has earned $72.2 million in domestic box office so far, passing Jackson's $72.1 million haul. And while Bieber has racked up those impressive numbers in just six weeks, he's got a long way to go before he laps the global receipts for the MJ doc.

"This Is It" has grossed $189.1 million overseas for a global total of $261.2 million. Music films don't typically play well overseas, and THR noted that "Never Say Never" has grossed a more modest $10.8 million overseas so far, with Paramount executives predicting that it could top out around $20 million internationally.

The impressive U.S. numbers were likely goosed by the re-release of the film recently with 40 additional minutes of bonus footage from director Jon M. Chu. Bieber still has a little way to go to climb the list of the top-grossing documentaries of all time. "Never Say Never" is currently stalled out at the #3 position, around $5 million behind "March of the Penguins," according to Box Office Mojo, and well short of the all-time record held by Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," which has taken in $119.1 million to date.

Bieber set off a classic MJ-style fan frenzy a few weeks ago when he visited Liverpool, England, for his world tour. And just a week later, he posed with his new wax figure at London's Madame Tussauds, checking off another item on the list of milestones to an MJ-like career.

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'Cowboys And Aliens' Co-Writer Says Flick's 'Originality' Sets It Apart

Roberto Orci gives up details on Jon Favreau-directed sci-fi Western mash-up as part of our Summer Movie Preview Week.
By Rick Marshall

Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig in "Cowboys & Aliens"
Photo: Universal Studios

It's safe to say that no one quite knew what to expect the last few years as pieces fell into place for "Cowboys & Aliens," Jon Favreau's upcoming sci-fi Western mash-up that features an impressive cast of celebrated Hollywood notables.

Scripted by the "Star Trek" and "Transformers" duo of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and based on a Platinum Studios comic book, "Cowboys & Aliens" follows mysterious loner Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), who rides into town with no memory of his past and a piece of strange technology attached to his wrist. Things quickly go from bad to worse as strange invaders from the sky lay siege to the town, forcing Lonergan to join forces with Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), the equally mysterious Ella (Olivia Wilde) and the rest of the area's inhabitants to fend off the alien army.

With "Cowboys & Aliens" firmly entrenched as one of this summer's most-anticipated blockbusters, MTV News spoke to one-half of the film's writing team to get some insight into the genre-bending world of "Cowboys & Aliens."

MTV: Ever since this film was first announced, no one knew what to make of "Cowboys & Aliens" from the title. Was it a comedy? Was it supposed to be a serious genre film? Did you ever consider changing the title?

Roberto Orci: No, the reason we jumped on this project originally was because we saw the title. So, once we were deep into the project, the idea of changing it seemed strange to us, even though a few people did question it because they thought it might be misleading. In a way, we tend to like things like that, because we think of the movie's release as sort of a campaign. When we did "Transformers," people said, "Well, is that a cartoon? Is that the Power Rangers? What is that?" And then as they become educated, they're actually forced to think about it and it sticks in their mind even more because they have to reassess what the title means. It actually ends up being a dialogue with the audience as they start to see what we're doing with it. So for us, we always thought we could never change that title. It's a kick-ass title.

MTV: How much of the film have you seen so far? Is it finished?

Orci: I've seen everything multiple times, but we're not locked yet. We've just been in post-production for months now, so I know every foot of it very well.

MTV: When it comes to actors like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, there's a certain amount of writing for the actors more so than the characters, because they can both make a role their own. Did you find yourself doing that with "Cowboys & Aliens," even though the story had existed prior to either of them joining the cast?

Orci: Absolutely. When we found out that we might get interest from both of them, it already started affecting how we were finishing our rewrites. Then before shooting, we spent a couple of weeks with each of them separately and together and Olivia [Wilde] as well, to kind of refine what we had there. When you have actors who are that specific and that talented, you can find things that you can't find working in a vacuum simply by sitting in a room and discussing the parts and what words fit better in their mouths.

In the case of Harrison Ford, we realized we had someone who could play an infinitely more complicated character than we originally imagined, and that manifested in more complicated lines and more complicated dialogue. In the case of Daniel [Craig], who is so amazing physically and just so amazing technically as an actor, we realized there are some lines he didn't actually need — he could just do it with his eyes and with his body. It's storytelling like that which tended to fit the Western a little more.

MTV: I read that Steven Spielberg sat a few of you down for a screening session early on in the process, showing you "The Searchers" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" as prime examples of the two genres ...

Orci: Yes, he got a brand new print of "The Searchers" and he sat me and Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Jon Favreau down in a theater and, as we watched it, he had a running commentary. He was like, "Now look at where the horizon line is in this shot. Why do you think John Ford did that?" It was insane. It was unreal. I mean, I would've paid for that class.

MTV: This summer is pretty crowded with comic book movies, but as we've discussed, "Cowboys & Aliens" is a little different from the rest. In your words, how does this film differ from the rest of 2011's big blockbusters? What sets it apart?

Orci: Its originality. It's not a superhero movie and it's not a sequel or a prequel or whatever. That's mostly what you're seeing this summer. In terms of seeing something you haven't seen before, that's "Cowboys & Aliens." I also think it's going to have a broader appeal. It's a great ensemble cast, so there's a representative of everyone in the audience up there on screen going through this. We're all a little jaded by how much we've seen as moviegoers, so the idea of people in the 18th century who don't even have electricity yet seeing lights in the sky and aliens and how they process that ... It gives it a fresh feeling and a kind of newness that I think is going to translate.

Head over to MTV Splash page for more from Orci about the film's comic book source material, the as-yet-unseen aliens and more!

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "Captain America," "The Hangover Part II," "X-Men: First Class," "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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BeatCrave Fav of the Month Poll: Who Will You Pick?

We selected five bands for April, and we need you to vote for your favorite�BeatCrave Fav of the month! Your choices include: UK-based electronic-infused band�with an energetic yet mellow style�Younger Brother (listen here), singer/songwriter with a distinct, powerful voice�Natalie Walker (listen here), pop rock band verging on folk and classical�Boris Smile (listen here), honest, positive, [...]

Amanda Detmer Amanda Marcum Amanda Peet Amanda Righetti

Robert Plant And Alison Krauss Win Grammy Album Of The Year

Raising Sand, from Led Zeppelin vet and bluegrass superstar, wins five Grammys on Sunday night.
By James Montgomery with MTV News staff

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant accept the award for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards on Sunday
Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

"I'm bewildered," Robert Plant said onstage as he accepted the Grammy Album of the Year award with Alison Krauss on Sunday night. "In the old days we would have called this selling out, but it's a good way to spend a Sunday."

He was probably one of the few who were surprised, because Raising Sand, which won five trophies at Sunday night's show, is in many ways the perfect Grammy album. It features two respected veterans, a critically lauded producer, some sandpaper-and-velvet vocals and a baker's dozen of time-tested standards.

You're probably familiar with Robert Plant from his Led Zeppelin days, and you might be aware of producer T-Bone Burnett's work on the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack (it won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2002). And if you don't know who Alison Krauss is, she possesses a haunting set of pipes and is one of the meanest fiddle players in the world. Oh, and she's won 21 Grammys, more than any other female artist and the seventh-most in history.

Really, she's the key to Sand's success, and not just because of her voice (or her fiddle playing). She and Plant first met in 2004, at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to legendary bluesman Leadbelly, and the former Zeppelin man was amazed by her knowledge of American Roots music — so much so that they began kicking around the idea of recording an album together. Three years later, Sand was released.

And while Plant possesses the more famous voice, the album's finest moments radiate from Krauss. Whether she's getting bluesy on Little Milton's "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson" or entwining with Plant's husky voice on songs like "Please Read the Letter" and Roly Salley's winsome "Killing the Blues," she more than carries her end of the bargain.

And perhaps that's also due to producer Burnett, who handpicked the 13 songs the duo cover on Sand. His arrangements are sparse — giving the two voices ample room to breathe — yet dense, warm and crackling at the same time. It's a testament to his work that he's often given just as much billing as Plant and Krauss on the project ... and it's certainly justified.

To date, Sand has sold more than 1 million copies, heaped tons of acclaim and actually earned a Grammy last year — "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)" took home the award for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals.

One expert was surprised not by the album's success, but by the fact that it's actually quite a good album.

"At first, the album seemed like a vanity project. ... Two names, clearly a one-off record, didn't have to be any good, you know?" New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica said. "Led Zeppelin fans would buy it because of Robert Plant, Alison Krauss would get a check. But it actually turned out to be a really thoughtful, really good record. So when you combine all that with the fact that the Grammys love to lionize one of their own, I could really see it taking home some awards."

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No Follow-up Planned for Radiohead?s The King of Limbs; Universal Sigh Contest Winner Announced

Amid conspiracy theories spreading like wild-fire on the web amongst fans who were not entirely satisfied with the band?s latest outing The King of Limbs, Rediohead guitarist Ed O?Brien has squashed any hopes for a sequel to the 8 track album. While they do have two new tracks coming out on vinyl for Record Store Day this weekend, nothing else is currently planned to expand on what has already been released from the TKOL sessions.

Amanda Marcum Amanda Peet Amanda Righetti Amanda Swisten

Britney Spears - Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends

Sarah Gellman Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Mutch Sarah Polley

Adam Lambert's 'Whole Lotta Love': The Story Behind The Cover

Glam rocker tackled the legendary 1970 Led Zeppelin song for 'American Idol' rock night.
By Gil Kaufman

Adam Lambert performs "Whole Lotta Love" on "American Idol" on Tuesday
Photo: R. Mickshaw/Getty Images/ Fox

Imagine a freight train speeding toward you at midnight. Or a rockslide barreling down a hill as you try to outrace it. That's the feeling of the ominous, chugging Jimmy Page riff that kicks off Led Zeppelin's 1970 Stonehenge of rock, "Whole Lotta Love." And that's before singer Robert Plant leans into one of the nastiest, ecstatic rock screams this side of the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again."

That's the song Adam Lambert chose to sing on "American Idol" rock night Tuesday (May 5), and, needless to say, it was a challenge that the eyeliner-loving Los Angeles stage veteran was more than up for, hitting a series of high notes and rock screams that would have made Plant proud. It was a risky maneuver that paid off for Lambert, who chose a tune that came in at #75 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" in 2004.

The legendary British rock act recorded the tribute to Chicago blues icon Willie Dixon during their second U.S. tour after working it out in their live show, including it on their 1969 classic album Led Zeppelin II. Like many of the songs Zeppelin performed early in their career, "Love" was a blues standard turned on its head with a heavy dose of crunching psychedelic guitar and thundering drums, courtesy of late drummer John Bonham. The song was based on a 1962 tune by another blues forefather, Muddy Waters, called "You Need Love," which was penned by Dixon.

For Zeppelin's version, Plant customized the lyrics by adding some lyrical quotes from a few other songs Dixon wrote for Howlin' Wolf, "Back Door Man" and "Shake For Me," nailing the tricky vocal in a single take. It was also inspired by 1966's "You Need Loving" from the British rock group the Small Faces, for whom Zeppelin had great affection, but they also did not credit Dixon for his part in writing the original lyrics. The song became Zeppelin's first U.S. single and their only U.S. top 10 hit. Though their manager would not let them release singles in the U.K. because he thought it cannibalized album sales, the song was finally released as the band's only British single in 1997.

Dixon sued Zeppelin over the song in 1985, claiming it borrowed too heavily from his "You Need Love," and Zeppelin reached an agreement with him, with Dixon using the money he received to set up a program that provided musical instruments for schools. A cornerstone of heavy rock, the tune -- which was the theme song for the long-running British countdown show "Top of the Pops" in the 1970s and '80s -- has been covered by dozens of artists over the years, from Tina Turner and Ben Harper to Prince, Slash, Leona Lewis, Train's Pat Monahan, the London Symphony Orchestra and Jane's Addiction.

Get your "Idol" fix on MTV News' "American Idol" page, where you'll find all the latest news, interviews and opinions.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash Light Up Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show

Foursome is joined by special guests and tons of lights for smash-hit medley.
By Mawuse Ziegbe

Black Eyed Peas perform during the Super Bowl XLV halftime show
Photo: Getty Images

The Black Eyed Peas promised a party at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday (February 6), and the pop supernovas definitely delivered, with a performance teeming with lights, dancers and surprise appearances from celebrity pals.

Following a commercial that showed animated versions of the Peas showing off their social-media skills, the group kicked things off with their 2009 smash "I Gotta Feeling," descending from the ceiling on illuminated platforms onto a stage surrounded by a cluster of dancers clad in white bodysuits. The foursome led the team of fist-pumping troops in "Tron"-like getups, with Taboo sporting an outfit covered in flashing lights, rocking a shiny hairpiece, wearing huge bright studs and Fergie vamping it up in bling-laden shoulder pads.

When the speaker-busting bass of "Boom Boom Pow" dropped, the dancers dispersed across the field to create arrow-shaped formations as the glow-in-the-dark lights on their suits illuminated the stadium. Then rumored surprise guest Slash of Guns N' Roses rose from below the stage for a "Sweet Child O' Mine" duet with Fergie. The GNR great rocked a finger-searing solo in a studded version of his signature black top hat as more angular platforms and dancers moved across the gridiron. The platforms were bearing scores of marching-band musicians who blasted their horns and pounded away on their drums as the Peas went into "Pump It" and blue lights splashed across the production.

Quick streams of fog heralded the arrival of the Peas' second surprise guest, Usher, who swooped in on a long chain to bust out his joint "OMG." Rocking a sparkly collar on an otherwise all-white ensemble, the R&B hitmaker cranked out several counts of energetic choreography, enlivening moves from his "OMG" video and at one point jumping over Will and landing in a split.

A spray of pyro ushered in the collective's breakout 2003 hit "Where Is the Love?" as the oddly shaped platforms spelled out the word "Love" in bright-red letters. The team of dancers, which appeared to have multiplied to over 100, formed hearts across the field as will updated the lyrics of the smash with lines like, "Obama, let's get these educated."

Then the group jumped ahead to their most recent single, 2010's "The Time (Dirty Bit)," as several back up hoofers rocking cubed helmets joined the Peas onstage and dancers lined up along the gridiron to simultaneously bust out the Running Man, a move which drew cheers from the crowd.

The platinum-selling Peas wrapped up the performance with a reprise of "I Gotta Feeling," as the quartet triumphantly signed off amid of blitz of fog, firepower and flashing lights.

Ripping the halftime show was clearly a touching moment for will, who tweeted beforehand, "Me and apl started the peas when we were 16 yesterday we were dreamin now were livin it. Wow. I'm not crying out of sadness or nervousness its joy and pride and memories and the journey."

And once the crew left the stage, the frontman was not only proud, but pumped. "That was so freakin sick," he wrote. "Wow...!!!"

What did you think of the Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl performance? Let us know in the comments!

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Photos | The 2010 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

The 2010 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

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Warren G Plans To Release New Nate Dogg Album

Photo: Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

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Tom Felton Picks Draco's 'Defining Moment' In 'Deathly Hallows'

'We see a tough moment for him when he doesn't know where his loyalties lie,' the 'Harry Potter' star tells MTV News.
By Eric Ditzian

Tom Felton
Photo: Jon Furniss/ WireImage

As Tom Felton sees it, he's getting a little lazy these days. The 23-year-old "Harry Potter" star only has two mega-budget summer flicks coming down the line this season. In a recent MTV News interview, he laughed, "I should have worked it harder!"

Listen, Tom, there's a reason that in January we named you one of our "11 for '11," the young Hollywood players we were expecting big things from this year. And you haven't disappointed.

First up comes "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2," the 3-D conclusion to the boy-wizard franchise hitting theaters July 15. Then on August 5, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" storms into the multiplex. It's going to be a very busy summer for Felton, so we just had to talk with him as part of our Summer Movie Preview. On Thursday, we'll be bringing you the actor's wide-ranging comments on "Apes." Now, with Felton as our guide, we dive into the world of "Harry Potter."

MTV News: With the end of "Potter" and another potential franchise in "Apes," does this summer feel like a particularly significant period in your career?

Felton: Very much so, which is why I'm looking to moving out to L.A. probably in the latter half of the year, mainly for work reasons. It's a great way for me to be seen in a different light, after the epic finale of "Potter."

MTV News: So you're moving to L.A.?

Felton: Yeah, me, my girlfriend and my dog. I just need to sort out everything with my dog. If she can come, then we're all good.

MTV News: This is the final one — the final impression of Draco Malfoy. In your mind, what's going to be his defining moment in "Part 2"?

Felton: Well, he seems so conflicted and he doesn't know what to do. When it comes to the final battle, he's still a bit confused about which way he should go. It's only in the last stages of the battle that he's really called upon from the dark side when he's standing on the good side, and we see a tough moment for him when he doesn't know where his loyalties lie. That's definitely going to be the defining moment for Draco. Hopefully, I nailed it. It's nice when I get sprung upon by the mega "Harry Potter" fans and they say, "We understand Draco's pain." It's like, "Thank you! That's a compliment! That's a sign I must have done good."

MTV News: I know you haven't seen the full thing, but they've been screening it for audiences and the producers told us it's brought people to tears.

Felton: I spoke to [producer] David [Heyman] the other day, and he said it got the highest rating of feedback of any "Potter" ever. It kind of goes without saying that it's one of the most highly anticipated films of, well, a really long time. Everyone making it knows that it. It's going to be exciting. I'm endlessly excited.

MTV News: Have you seen bits and pieces?

Felton: I saw bits and pieces when I did the ADR voice-looping. It looked amazing. I was forgetting to do my lines because I was just watching it going, "Wow, this is incredible!" And that was only half-finished with the special effects.

MTV News: Do you see any of the flash-forward epilogue?

Felton: I didn't! That was one of the sections they were most uncertain about and which route they were going. They were talking about it being too long or not long enough. I'm not entirely sure what it's going to be. I will say we filmed it, but how it's there in the final cut, I don't know.

MTV News: Did you take a prop at the end of the shoot?

Felton: Unfortunately, they're notoriously tight with those things. People were expecting there to be 100 broomsticks, but there weren't that many. There were, like, four. Naturally they kept them under lock and key. To be fair, they'd probably be better off in a museum than in my attic or my downstairs toilet.

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "Captain America," "The Hangover Part II," "X-Men: First Class," "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.

Check out everything we've got on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2."

For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit

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Ke$ha Exclusive Photos | MTV Style

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Lindsay Lohan Locks Role In 'Gotti' Flick

Actress is set to play mob wife Kim Gotti in the film.
By Jocelyn Vena

Lindsay Lohan
Photo: Jeff Vespa/ WireImage

After some momentary drama on Wednesday, when it seemed that Lindsay Lohan's role in the mob family biopic "Gotti: Three Generations" was in jeopardy, it was confirmed later that the embattled starlet would still be in the film.

Originally up for the role of Victoria Gotti, Lohan is now set to play the wife of John Gotti Jr., Kim Gotti. "I'm really excited to be back on set and clear up all the misinterpretations about me and show this is what I love to do," Lohan said about the casting, according to The Associated Press. "I think it's such an iconic story. I think it's a great story to be told. I'm honored to be working with John Travolta and Joe Pesci."

The movie's producer, Marc Fiore, explained to that it was Lohan herself who managed to make sure she got cast in the flick. "She was definitely out as of earlier today, but she really wanted the part," he said. "She not only is back in the movie, but she single-handedly put it all together. She called me personally and put her team on it, and we came to an agreement."

Lohan, who was originally rumored to be a part of the movie earlier this month, said that she looks forward to playing the role because "you don't get to see the heart behind the story and the real side of people. I can relate to that because I think that I've been portrayed in a certain light. I just want to do my best to show what their family really went through."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Janet Jackson Thrills Fans With Greatest Hits, Michael Tribute At Radio City

Singer covered songs ranging from classic 'Pleasure Principle' to 2008's 'Feedback' at New York show.
By Vaughn Schoonmaker

Janet Jackson (file)
Photo: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images

NEW YORK — Often imitated, never duplicated, Janet Jackson's outbursts of meticulous choreography, sassy exclamations and smoldering gazes into the audience kept them on their feet for the entire two-hour set of her greatest hits at Radio City Music Hall. Monday night marked the last of three sold-out shows at the historic venue on her monumental Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour.

Up-and-coming boy band Mindless Behavior opened the show with songs including "#1 Girl," "Future" and their debut single, "My Girl." With their Usher-esque dance moves and shouts like "Where the ladies at?" the boys brought the tween girls out of hiding, judging by the shrill screams escaping various corner of the music hall.

At 9:00 sharp, the lights went down and Janet's fans were on the edge of their seats, watching music videos for "The Best Things in Life Are Free" and "Rhythm Nation" projected on big screens across the venue. A small shadow drifted toward center stage, and when the colorful lights came up, Jackson, wrapped in a shoulder-padded catsuit, complete with slick short hair, blasted into "The Pleasure Principle," dancing as hard and intensely choreographed as she did when the song first came out in the 1980s.

With barely a spare second between songs, Janet dazzled her way through her biggest hits, including "Miss You Much," "All for You" and "Nasty," and more recent hits like 2008's "Feedback."

Videos displayed during Jackson's costume changes included vintage clips from "Diff'rent Strokes," a funny scene from "Poetic Justice" where Jackson slyly rejects the advances of Tupac Shakur's character, and a rather heavy scene, as Jackson's character in "Why Did I Get Married" destroys her husband's house with a golf club, screaming hysterically.

Considering the tough couple of years the Jackson family has faced, the dark moments in the video seemed fitting, and everyone was beside themselves with bittersweet joy when Michael Jackson's face popped up on the big screen and she performed their hit single "Scream."

Janet emerged for her encore in a tight white one-piece disco suit, and performed "Diamonds," "Make Me" and "Together Again," which appeared to be the biggest hit of the evening. As Jackson graciously bowed out, her straight face transitioned into a smirk, suggesting that despite the hard times she has experienced recently, we can expect to see this singing and dancing pop legend shine far into the future.

"Its amazing!" Janet fan Elena Mercantini gleamed afterward. "It's like she's still 20 years old!"

"She's hot, she's amazing and she's still got it after all these years" added Alison Klinger of Long Island. "Best concert I've ever been to!"

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari Get 'Dangerous' For '30 Minutes Or Less'

'I never drive ever, so I've been given the opportunity and a cool car,' Eisenberg tells MTV News of his daredevil driving.
By Eric Ditzian

Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari in "30 Minutes or Less"
Photo: Sony

Jesse Eisenberg is a crazy driver. That's practically all anybody could talk about on the Grand Rapids, Michigan, set of "30 Minutes or Less" last summer. Danny McBride expressed utter surprise that the soon-to-be Oscar nominee was such a daredevil behind the wheel. Director Ruben Fleischer ("Zombieland") was less enthused, concerned as he was that the star of his action comedy might not survive the shoot in one piece.

And Eisenberg himself? The guy couldn't have been more pumped to play, at least for a few scenes, something resembling an action hero. "I live in New York City and ride a bicycle, so I never drive ever, so I've been given the opportunity and a cool car," he told MTV News. "Every time I drive, I get yelled at by the crew, but the stunt drivers always wink at me and say, 'Nah, that was good, man. Keep doing it.' I've been subtly and subversively encouraged to be very dangerous in the car."

On the day of our visit to the set, Eisenberg and his cohorts weren't zooming around in cars, but had settled into a junkyard. The action, though, was no safer. For a full peek into what went down in there, you'll have to wait until next week, when we roll out our full set visit. But as we push forward with this week's Summer Movie Preview, we pulled out a snippet of our chat with Eisenberg and Ansari, plus an exclusive photo of the two guys doing some rather unconventional grocery shopping.

"30 Minutes" follows Eisenberg as a pizza delivery boy who is kidnapped by two hilariously incompetent criminals (McBride and Nick Swardson) and made to rob a bank. With a makeshift bomb strapped to his chest and time ticking away, Eisenberg enlists Ansari to help him accomplish the task. Their adventure, as the red-band trailer makes clear, lands them in some high-speed car chases. And, according to Ansari, the two actors liked the action so much, they're hoping to do more of it in the future.

"I don't know if it's premature to say that he's going to star in the reboot of the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise," he cracked.

"Yes, it is premature. We're in negotiations," Eisenberg responded.

Said Ansari, "Let's just go ahead and tell him. He's taking over the Paul Walker character, I'm taking over the Vin Diesel character. It's a reimagining, a reboot, whatever you want to call it. We're bringing the franchise back. It's gonna be in 3-D and all the movie seats are going to be changed into tiny cars and you can drive along with us."

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "Captain America," "The Hangover Part II," "X-Men: First Class," "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.

Check out everything we've got on "30 Minutes or Less."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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